Monthly Archive: January 2014

ALA Midwinter

ala14-logoI should probably mention that I’m going to be at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia this weekend! Seemed like I should attend, since it’s in my own city and all; however, I’m keeping a somewhat low profile, because I have a big deadline looming on Monday.*

So if you’re attending ALA too and would like to see me, your best bet is to drop by the SFWA table in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #409) on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. I’ll be there to answer your questions about SFWA from 11–12, then signing…things…from 12–1. (My books won’t be available for sale there, as far as I know, but you can bring copies — and I’m happy to sign free bookmarks and book plates, while supplies last.)

Also, I put together a short guide on stuff to do in Philly, things to see, and some restaurants I like near the convention for SFWA members, but thought it might be useful to a broader audience too. If you want it, download it here (PDF). It is not fancy.

See you at ALA?


*If anyone wants to meet up to write with me near the convention, let me know. I’ll be there all day Saturday and probably Sunday morning.

join me in a twitter chat tonight!

k8chat-logoThe fabulous Kate Tilton, friend to authors, invited me to participate in #K8chat, her weekly Twitter chat for people interested in publishing, writing, and reading. Find us on Twitter from 9 – 10 p.m. Eastern tonight (1/16)! We’ll be discussing writing workshops and critique groups and how constructive criticism can improve your writing.

To participate, just follow the hashtag #K8chat — and remember to include it in your Tweets so everyone can see it. You can also follow me (@ecmyers) and Kate (@K8Tilton) on Twitter.

Visit Kate’s blog for more details on tonight’s chat and her upcoming chats, every Thursday at 9 p.m.

now in more of your internet

pubcrawlI’m thrilled to be joining the wonderful folks at the Pub(lishing) Crawl blog, where I will be blogging once a month about topics of interest to readers and writers. They were kind enough to invite me to join their ranks this year, along with new members Janice Hardy and Adam Silvera. I have had the pleasure of hanging out with several of them in real life, and even more often on Twitter, so I think this is going to be a great experience.

Check out Susan Dennard’s flattering welcome in today’s blog post, and enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of my books in any of its available formats: hardcover, eBook, or audio book!

the year of doing less and more

My last photo of 2013, just before midnight.

My last photo of 2013, just before midnight.

Wow, it has been a long time since I last blogged! Sorry about that. See, I’m under a deadline on a Secret Project™, and I have to focus most of my writing time on that these days. I should be able to pay more attention to the blog in February, when I’ll try to catch up on the many posts I’ve been meaning to write, including some TV, film, and book recommendations. I also have some other things I want to try out this year to mix things up a bit. Oh, and I have some late e-mails and miscellaneous tasks to take care of too. Next month, I promise!

But I didn’t want to leave an old post up on the first day of a shiny New Year, so here we are. I used to do those year-end recap posts with the number of words written in the last year, stories sold, milestones, and all that, but I haven’t for a while. I don’t track things that way anymore, and it takes too much time at the end of the year to add all the numbers up, which feels kind of like doing taxes. (Ugh, taxes.) Looking back, overall 2013 was very good to me personally and professionally. No complaints. And I’m looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2014.

One of my first images of 2014. So, not that different.

One of my first images of 2014. So, not that different.

I also don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but recently I’ve been trying to cut back on doing too much. I’d like to do more of that—more of less—which is difficult because I like helping people and doing interesting and different things, and I consequently have trouble saying no; however, in order to reserve more time for my family and writing and yes, even give myself a chance to relax once in a while, I’m limiting everything else as much as I can. Apparently time management requires you to concentrate on the things that are really important to you instead of trying to cram in more, and there’s some room for improvement there.

But… I do still have trouble saying no.

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a successful and memorable 2014.