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launching two new sites

Happy Friday! This is the inaugural post in my new personal website and blog,, as well as the launch of something else I’ve been working on for a while:

The Viewscreen is the new home of the popular Star Trek Re-Watch. Torie Atkinson and I are starting things off with the first episode of Season 3 of the original series: “Spock’s Brain.” That’s right, we watched it so you don’t have to–but we hope you’ll re-watch it anyway, read our review, and comment on it. Then stick around because we’re working on a “Spock’s Brain”-related treat in the coming weeks (curious, aren’t you?), and we’ll be continuing our re-watch of the final TV voyages of the starship Enterprise. Please spread the word–we’ve put a lot of work into this site, and we’re really proud of it.