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Give Me a T or Really T’ed Off

As I mentioned in my previous post about my new netbook, the Acer Aspire One 722, a big selling point for me was the keyboard. I’ve never seen a keyboard like the Acer “Fine-tip” keyboard; the keys resemble those island-style chiclet keys you find on Macs and just about every laptop these days, but they respond like a more traditional keyboard; they have a fair amount of travel and give me the tactile feedback I need when I’m typing. The spacing between the keys also is more comfortable for me, and they make a satisfying clicking sound that most people probably find annoying. (It might be weird, but I really like the sound of typing. At home, I use an old IBM Model-M keyboard, which is probably as loud as you can type without a typewriter.)


penny for my thoughts

As a belated celebratory present to myself for selling FAIR COIN, I finally ordered a new netbook last month. My previous netbook was actually the first of the netbooks, the Eee 701 PC, which I purchased back in January of 2008. That was some time ago! I wrote the first draft of QUANTUM COIN on that, and two other novels after that, before finally retiring it. I still keep it around for some light web surfing and some potential emergency, but the mouse buttons are buggy, the software is outdated (I somehow broke the Synaptic Package Manager, so I can’t download anything), and the 7″ screen frankly isn’t cutting it anymore–certainly not for novel revisions. And until recently, there was no Scrivener for Linux, which was the real clincher for me.