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on bullying

Every month, members of teamTEENauthor write a blog post for teens about a one-word topic. July’s topic is Bully. For links to more posts on this topic, scroll to the bottom.

I’ve been thinking about bullying and my own encounters with it for a while now, even before it came up as a topic for teamTEENauthor. Bullying has been in headlines all too often in the past few years, unfortunately due to some high profile stories about related suicides. The flip side of all this attention is that more people are talking about bullying for a positive reason: to raise awareness of it as a serious problem and explore ways of preventing and dealing with it.

The nature of bullying has changed a lot since I was a teenager, with a greater focus on the dangers of “cyberbullying,” which wasn’t much of a problem for me since I didn’t really spend much time on our primitive version of the internet as a kid. I’m also sorry to say that bullying doesn’t end when you enter the adult world; people can always find new ways to be cruel to each other.

Bullying has been around probably for as long as people have socialized with each other—or at least since the first school went into session—so there’s likely no simple solution, nor one solution that will apply to everyone in every situation. But we can all agree that bullying will not just go away if it’s ignored. So I hesitate to share the fact that this is exactly how I handled bullying as a kid. I ignored it as much as possible.