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on olympic dreams

Every month, members of teamTEENauthor write a blog post for teens on a specific topic. August’s topic is Olympic Dreams. For links to more posts on this topic, scroll to the bottom.

Photo by Luke MacGregor via theverge.com

The Olympics are over and this post is about a week late. No matter, we’re really just early for the next Olympics. That’s in, like, four years, right? Or something?

I have a horrible confession: I am not a fan of the Olympics. I don’t actively dislike them, but I am not the type who arranges my schedule to watch any events. My DVR isn’t even plugged in (no cable), but if it were, I would not have set it for the Olympics (except to record gymnastics for my wife). All told, I may have watched about ten minutes total of this year’s games in various clips online and a few idle minutes of live television.