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children’s fashion and other space disasters

This week, on Project Runaway...

In this week’s Star Trek Re-Watch at The Viewscreen, we discuss tragic children’s outfits in the Star Trek universe. But it’s only a fleeting distraction from one of the worst episodes of the series, “And the Children Shall Lead,” in which a group of kids commandeer the Enterprise by banging their fists in the air, with the help of a friendly ghost. No, really. Let’s just shelve this one in the cornfield and move on.

So far, Season 3 is as bad as promised, but there is so much more pain yet to come…

From Vulcan, with Love

Our review of “The Enterprise Incident” (in which there is an incident involving the Enterprise)  is up over at The Viewscreen. This is a stand out episode of Star Trek, especially for the third season, which sadly isn’t going to offer many more hours that approach the quality of D.C. Fontana’s superb script. There’s a little bit of everything in this one for even the most discerning viewers, including espionage, culture clashes, tense space battles, and skimpy skirts. If you’re curious how Spock ends up in this sexy woman’s quarters, how Captain Kirk dies and comes back to life as a Romulan, and how Enterprise gets back its groove, please click on over and check it out.

If you haven’t seen “The Enterprise Incident” before, it’s worth checking out. You can watch it online for free at the CBS website in its classic form or with shiny remastered special effects.