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once and future things

Apologies for failing to follow up sooner on my swag giveaway during the YAmazing Race at the beginning of this month. I was distracted with writing other blog posts, like Alternate Wednesday (new post next week!), trying to make progress in my ever growing to-do list, and adopting a wonderful new dog. :)

In any case, I did tally up all the entries and run them through random.org to randomly select a winner: Marie-Michel Pagé! Congratulations to Marie-Michel–your prize is in the mail!–and thank you all for participating.

Good news if you’d like another shot at winning fabulous prizes: Tomorrow the Winter 2012 YA Scavenger Hunt will begin at noon Pacific time and run for the next three days, offering the opportunity for you to win a massive number of free books, including a signed copy of Quantum Coin. I’ll be hosting another small giveaway of my own here on my blog, so you’ll have an extra chance to win. So stop by tomorrow at 3:00pm (EST)  to find out all about it!

YAmazing Winners!

Congratulations to Molly, Angela, and Taffy, who won Fair Coin prize packs in my YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes giveaway. They will each receive a signed bookmark, postcard, coin case, and personalized and signed bookplate–hot off the presses. (Want your own bookplate? E-mail me.)

To select the winners, I listed each commenter’s name once per entry in an Excel spreadsheet, shuffled them up and assigned a number to each at random.org, then generated three random numbers: 86, 216, and 60, which corresponded to the entries above.

In addition, Petra was the winner of the Killer Penguins group in the race, so I will be sending her a signed copy of Fair Coin as well as a prize pack!

Thank you, everyone, for playing. This was a lot of fun.