I'm a YA author who spends too much time on the internet.

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  1. I have found the tactile nature of math products on the computer works for girls, too. My daughter has been enjoying Math Blaster as a way to review her basic math skills. My older son–he of the double major in Engineeering and Economics–reminded us that Math Blaster was his favorite math game as a youngster.

  2. I can't stand Starbucks coffee… flavored or otherwise. My husband and I actually belong to a coffee-of-the-month club — Citizen Bean — that send out beans from independent, sustainable roasters around the country. Delicious AND socially conscious!

  3. Ta strona to piÄ™kny żagiel. Trzymajcie siÄ™, bo zaraz zdrowo dmuchnie!Wielkie gratulacje! ZdjÄ™cia to po prostu Wasza kwintesencja! OsobiÅ›cie jestem admiratorem „serwisu”.Pozostaje mi jedynie życzyć dobrej zabawy.Wasz m.

  4. Todd W,Not according to the official position of the UK Department of Health. There is no effective treatment for measles.You refer to treating the symptoms. And what is the treatment for death which we are all told constantly measles will cause if we do not risk our kids developing autistic conditions from vaccines?

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