13 large white envelopes*


Back when I was querying literary agents, a writing blog suggested using USPS Priority Mail envelopes for snail mail submissions because the packaging is free and they charge a flat rate no matter what you cram into them. So I picked up a bunch of envelopes and labels, and was fortunate enough to have a couple left over at the end of the process. Those remained tucked away at the bottom of a drawer, until today, when I used one of them to send a signed book contract to my agent! :)

I have one more envelope left… What should I do with it?


*With apologies to Maureen Johnson. I don’t remember how many envelopes I actually started with, but it was probably a lot.

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  1. Bobsandiego

    You know, that’s a really good idea! I’m going to have to pick of a passel of those for this next round of rejections for ‘Love and Loyalty.’ :)


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