New Short Story in The Sunday Morning Transport!

I have a new short story in The Sunday Morning Transport, “Alone With Your Thoughts”:

In this week’s story, E. C. Myers entangles life’s last moments with a startling new technology. One that might change everything.

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Where Honor Lives

Overwatch 2: Heroes Ascendantis now available! I was thrilled to contribute a Hanzo short story to this anthology, “Where Honor Lives.” Like the game, writing it was a team effort with the talented editorial, narrative, and lore folks at Blizzard Entertainment. I love how it turned out and I hope you do too. Please pick it up at your local book or comic shop or online.

Experience the story of Overwatch 2 from a multiple points of view in this star-studded short story collection, featuring eight tales from award-winning and bestselling authors.

As Null Sector’s global assault brings the world to its knees, millions of voices cry out amid the devastation . . . and heroes around the world are answering the call.

  • Lyndsay Ely brings heartrending clarity to Ashe and B.O.B.’s pre-Crisis history.
  • As Null Sector drop pods rain down on Tokyo, Hanzo hears the ghost of his father—and meets with a familiar face—in an electrifying tale by E.C. Myers.
  • Corinne Duyvis and Sangu Mandanna trace Symmetra’s travels abroad to retrieve a Vishkar asset . . . and an old friend.
  • Mohale Mashigo lends fresh perspective to Ana and Jack’s relationship as they weave through a broken Istanbul to meet with an informant, one who claims to have knowledge of what brought down Overwatch all those years ago.

These stories and more illuminate the darkest corners of the Null Sector chaos, in the crucible where choices are made and heroes are forged. From the streets of Numbani to the alleys of Junkertown, the highest floors of Lijiang Tower to the stars themselves, don’t miss this exploration of the battles fought all around the globe. This perfect companion read to Overwatch 2’s main story includes tales from award-winning, bestselling science fiction and fantasy authors as well as Blizzard’s stellar narrative designers and cinematic writers. Complete with illustration by Kevin Hong, Hannah Templer, and more, this incredible anthology brings new focus to Overwatch’s universe, and shows that—even in its most uncertain times—the future is still worth fighting for.

The Lonely Way

My episode of The Sounds of Nightmares, “The Lonely Way,” is out today on YouTube and your favorite podcast platforms!

It was an honor and a joy to collaborate with writer and showrunner Lonnie Nadler and the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe team in writing the conclusion to the first ever Little Nightmares audio drama. They are all amazingly talented storytellers and passionate about this beloved video game franchise.

The soundscape of the series is phenomenal—truly nightmarish—and Amy Purshouse and Kester Lovelace brought dear Noone and Otto to life. Don’t sleep on it!

GAMERS in 2025

Look for the first book in my new middle grade series GAMERS from Pixel + Ink in early 2025! A story for the young and young at heart, celebrating how video games can bring us together and make lives better.
Kate Egan at Pixel + Ink has acquired Gamers, a middle grade series by E.C. Myers, in which a group of kids who love gaming comes together to form a competitive e-sports league, and discovers that strategies from gaming also help them handle other issues in their lives. Publication of the first book is scheduled for spring 2025; Eddie Schneider at JABberwocky Literary Agency brokered the two-book deal for world rights.

The Sounds of Nightmares

Exciting news for fans of the Little Nightmares franchise: Little Nightmares III is coming out next year! And to whet everyone’s ravenous appetites for more tales from the Nowhere, Bandai Namco Europe is releasing The Sounds of Nightmares, a serialized fiction podcast exploring the increasingly disturbing dreams of a new little one, Noone—and I got to co-write an episode!

It was such a privilege to be invited to contribute to this fantastic world, and so much fun to work with showrunner Lonnie Nadler and BN in creating this scary cool experience! So if like the LN games and comics, please check out this brand-new story wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes drop every Tuesday through September 19! Learn more and listen at and view the announcement trailer below.