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Before the Dawn is out today!

I have a new book out today! RWBY: Before the Dawn, featuring the continuing adventures of teams CFVY and SSSN, is now available in print, digital, and audio. This series is so fun to write, and I’m so grateful to Rooster Teeth and Scholastic for trusting me with these stories and for their collaboration. If you or someone you know is a fan of #RWBY please consider picking it up today wherever books are sold:

“RWBY: After the Fall” Exclusive Cover Reveal!

If you’re curious to see the cover of my next book, RWBY: After the Fall, head over to Entertainment Weekly for an exclusive reveal! I saw some early concept sketches for this, and I really love what Rooster Teeth came up with. (Plus, it’s always a treat to see a new official illustration of Team CFVY!!!)

RWBY: After the Fall will be published this summer by Scholastic Books.