Cover illustration © Sam Weber, Jacket design by Jacqueline Cooke

Ephraim thought his universe-hopping days were over. He’s done wishing for magic solutions to his problems; his quantum coin has been powerless for almost a year, and he’s settled into a normal life with his girlfriend, Jena. But then an old friend crashes their senior prom: Jena’s identical twin from a parallel world, Zoe.

Zoe’s timing couldn’t be worse. It turns out that Ephraim’s problems have just begun, and they’re much more complicated than his love life: The multiverse is at stake—and it might just be Ephraim’s fault.

Ephraim, Jena, and Zoe embark on a mission across multiple worlds to learn what’s going wrong and how to stop it. They will have to draw on every resource available and trust in alternate versions of themselves and their friends, before it’s too late for all of them.

If Ephraim and his companions can put their many differences aside and learn to work together, they might have a chance to save the multiverse. But ultimately, the solution may depend on how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of humanity…and each other.

Pyr, October 23, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61614-682-5
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“Myers’ sequel to Fair Coin ups the ante for fantasy fans everywhere, without letting other elements of the story wither. The romantic tension throughout highlights the maturation of the characters. Unlike many sequels, this one wraps up loose ends in a satisfactory fashion.” (FOUR STARS: COMPELLING- Page-turner)
– Raven Haller, RT Book Reviews, October 2012

“Fans of alternate worlds will find a heapin’ helping here, though the cast’s relationship-chess makes a stronger showing…”

– Kirkus [see full review] (SPOILERS)

Quantum Coin is a novel that needs to be on your bookshelf… it has flair, drama, big ideas, excellent characters, and some believable, low-key romance.”

– Barb Caffrey, Shiny Book Review [see full review]

“In a time when most literature revolves around what the next big trend is, Myers steps outside of the box and has produced something familiar, yet altered to his own style.”

– Jess, HubPages [see full review]

“If you have geeky teens who are underwowed by the recent rash of prom-dress-covered YA and prefer to read a savvy, well-paced adventure, this is the one.”

– Catherine Schaff-Stump [see full review]

“Filled with love, action, adventure, and of course science bouncing off the walls. E.C. Myers has created a novel that will blow you out of universe into another.”

– Chayse Sundt, The Book Reaper [see full review]


Quantum Coin, the sequel to Fair Coin, by E.C. Myers, is a marvelously complex jaunt through the theories of quantum theory and the concepts of parallel universes.”
– Sabrina Fobes, Astro Guyz [see full review]

“If you like your YA full of action and wonderful surprises, be sure to check out the second book in the ‘Coin’ series, Quantum Coin.”

– Usagi, Birth of a New Witch [see full review]

“Again, Myers shows he has the ability to do what so many authors aren’t able to: provide a satisfactory ending to a book.”

– Aidan Fortune, SF Crowsnest [see full review]

“It’s a truly rare thing to encounter a second book that improves on the first, but Quantum Coin truly does.”

– Christina Franke, A Reader of Fictions [see full review]

“The second Coin science fiction is a terrific young adult thriller that makes great use of chaos theory and teen romantic angst.”

– Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds [see full review]

Back to the Future meets Three’s Company in this heart warming science fiction thrill ride.”

– Nick Sharps, SF Signal [see full review]

“(W)hile the plot is a bit less controlled than in its predecessor, I actually enjoyed it a good deal more.”

– Don D’Ammassa, Fantasy Reviews [see full review]

“E. C. Myers has a knack for describing complex concepts in a Big Picture way that readers can easily digest.”

– Michelle Ristuccia, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat [see full review]

“I really love how E.C. Myers throws in little nerdy pop culture references.  They made it a lot of fun!”

– Dawn Vanniman, Absolute Forest of Words [see full review]

“Spectral Phenomena and Parallel Universes (and romance)?!?  It doesn’t get much better than this…”

– Orland Park Public Library Teen Blog, Speak Up Teen Reads [see full review]

“I love the complex and layered story Myers crafted for this sequel and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first book.”

– Amanda Liston, Appraising Pages [see full review]

“…top-notch YA SciFi.”

– Amanda Makepeace [see full review]

“All in all, QUANTUM COIN was a superb follow-up to Fair Coin, blending together wonderful character development, an excellent romantic sub-plot, and fantastic pacing to a fast-moving plot to make a novel hard to put down.”

– Izzy G., My Words Ate Me [see full review]

“…this is a great book and highly enjoyable addition to the series.”

– Barbara Cothern, Portland Book Review [see full review]“…this is a great book and highly enjoyable addition to the series.”

– Barbara Cothern, Portland Book Review [see full review]