04/20/2012 ecmyers

When words fail to describe how you feel, a screencap will do.

I had some other things I’d planned to blog about today, but when you find out that io9 has not only reviewed your novel, but given it a great review, that kind of distracts you from everything else.

I usually make many stops at io9 throughout the day (except for the one day I’m on it, apparently–Google Alerts, you fail), so I consider being featured there, with even the tiniest mention, as one of the ultimate, nigh unattainable achievements for a geek like me. Achievement unlocked. My book is on the front page! (I took a screenshot. It happened.)

But most of all, I’m thrilled that in her review, Charlie Jane Anders really gets the book in the way that every writer hopes readers will, and I’m so glad that she enjoyed it enough to recommend it to others. And call it crack. Well, don’t say she didn’t warn you.

There’s also a spoiler warning, so proceed with caution.


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