a horse of a different color

We’ve suffered through some bad Star Trek episodes, but “Plato’s Stepchildren” takes the cake. Then it drops the cake, steps all over it, grinds it into the carpet, scrapes it all onto a plate, and serves it with a scoop of store brand vanilla ice cream–which doesn’t make it any more palatable, but only mocks you with the potential of a delicious treat and makes it all somehow sadder.

I cannot recommend that you watch this episode, ever. No links for you! If you’ve seen it before, you have my sympathies. One of the chapter titles on my DVD is “Psychokinetic Delirium,” which is a pretty good description of the entire travesty. Here’s the briefest assessment possible:

If you think that pun is bad, the episode itself is so much worse. Michael Dunn (poor, poor Michael Dunn) was riding William Shatner, like a horse.

Look, you’re curious, right? Could it really be that devastatingly awful? I pretty much watched it with this expression on my face:

Go ahead and check out our review at The Viewscreen. We’ve summarized the key events for you, so it’s only like you’re hearing about something horrible that happened to someone you met once at a party. But read about why this is so atrocious and help us make fun of it, okay? Please, we need you to make it better.


  1. Torie

    I think you may have outpunned yourself. The screencaps you chose tell their own narrative, though…

  2. ecmyers (Post author)

    Thank you? :P


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