Monthly Archive: April 2011

shimmery goodness

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, a new short story of mine was just published in a small press fantasy magazine, this time Shimmer magazine. I certainly feel lucky that my story “All the Lonely People” is in issue # 13, now available for order (in electronic and print editions). I’ve wanted to be published in Shimmer since I saw the second issue, which gives you an idea of how long I’ve been sending them fiction and the value of persistence.

Some of you may recall that I read “All the Lonely People” at the Altered Fluid reading at NYRSF last June, where people didn’t hate it. Here’s a brief excerpt:

I found the woman in the last train car; her kind is usually drawn to the edges of things, wherever they can be alone, wherever they can go unnoticed. She was reading a poster on the back wall, both hands gripping the seatbacks on either side of the aisle as if they were holding her up. I could see through her to the poster, an ad for classes at some community college.

She was a fader.

That’s what I call them, those caught in that limbo that claims more and more people every day. I don’t know what that makes those of us who can see them. I assume there are others like me, but it’s not like I got a membership card and a list of instructions the day I discovered my ability. No one told me what it’s for.

You should also pick up the magazine to check out great stories by other authors: K.M. Ferebee, Erik T. Johnson, L.L. Hannett, Richard Larson, J.J. Irwin, Georgina Bruce, Stephen Case, Ferrett Steinmetz, and Poor Mojo’s Giant Squid.

And if you want to read something free while you wait for the issue to arrive in your mailbox or inbox, you can always read an interview with me at Shimmer or my shortish essay on my history with Star Trek in today’s series wrap-up at

Happy birthday!

I haven’t made much time to blog lately, but there’s always time to wish a good friend a happy birthday. So, happy birthday, @trinityvixen! One more year before your warranty runs out and you’re officially old–enjoy it while you can! (Believe it or not, this was the least gross picture I could find; he kind of reminds me of the animated Cryptkeeper.)

the star trek re-re-watch

Torie and I enjoyed re-watching Star Trek so much, we decided to do it again. So much has changed since we launched the original re-watch last year, we thought it might be in need of a massive update, so we’re remastering every re-watch post, in original publication order. If you missed us the first time around, this is your chance to follow along. And if you did read all the old posts, we promise there’s a lot of added value. We like to think of this as the way the re-watch was always intended to be, if we’d been given free editorial reign and the right resources at the beginning.

Please check out our new look at The Viewscreen: Read more about the exciting new direction of the Remastered Re-Watch, and our first post is already up–only a day late–for the first episode of the series, “The Man Trap.” As Torie puts it, we’ve made it “saltier” and “more vampire-ier!” Here’s a glimpse at some of our enhancements. Please let us know what you think–like the internet, this is a work in progress. And tell your friends!