Happy birthday!

I haven’t made much time to blog lately, but there’s always time to wish a good friend a happy birthday. So, happy birthday, @trinityvixen! One more year before your warranty runs out and you’re officially old–enjoy it while you can! (Believe it or not, this was the least gross picture I could find; he kind of reminds me of the animated Cryptkeeper.)

death proof

A silly Gmail Chat with my friend Scott:

Scott: What if tomorrow wasn’t another day? What if tomorrow was a fish? ¬†What would the endoing to Gone With the Wind have been like?
me: I’ve never actually seen that movie.
Scott: Neither have I, but according Weird Al, the ending of the movie has a character saying “Tomorrow is another day”
me: If tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow never dies, and if you should die another day, then that makes you immortal.
Scott: I think you’re missing a step in your proof
me: Prove it.
Scott: p – Tomorrow, q – another day, r – never dies/immortal, s – you
Scott: p -> q, p -> r, therefore p -> r, s -> ~r and q
No further information can be derived
me: So… today is a good day to die?