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you see but you don’t observe (strike that, reverse it)

Remember to wear protection! Looking at a Medusan without Starfleet safety goggles is like watching Saw 3D without 3D glasses: a horrible idea and possibly life-threatening.

The third season of Star Trek sure is a roller coaster ride. One week we get a travesty like “And the Children Shall Lead,” and the next we have a quality episode like “Is There in Truth No Beauty?” (Also one of my favorite episode titles of the series.) The more I think about it, the more I feel like I should rate this one a bit higher than I do in this week’s Star Trek Re-Watch–this is just about as good as it gets from here on out, though there may be one or two better episodes ahead.

Not only was the story intriguing and actually surprising, but the episode features some of the best performances we’ve seen, primarily from Leonard Nimoy (trying to make up for sleepwalking through “Spock’s Brain“) and Diana Muldaur, who many Trekkies will remember as Dr. Katherine Pulaski from the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. (She was also on L.A. Law, which I’ve never seen, and provided the voice of Dr. Leslie Thompkins on Batman: The Animated Series.) Anyway, this episode is one of my few recommendations of the season, so please watch the episode (original | remastered) and let us know if you agree!

Did anyone like Dr. Pulaski?

pew pew!

I present you with my interpretation of the Enterprise‘s faceoff against a giant asteroid in Star Trek‘s “The Paradise Syndrome.” Where’s Captain Kirk through all this excitement? On the planet “Amerind” with amnesia, cosplaying as a god/American Indian medicine chief named “Kirok.”

This episode reminded me of the famous Adventures of Superman episode “Panic in the Sky,” in which Superman loses his memory after colliding with an asteroid. It was remade on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as “All Shook Up,” one of my favorite episodes because Ma Kent pushes Clark off a balcony to help him remember how to fly. What is it with asteroids and amnesia? (I’m sure some people would like to forget those asteroid disaster films Armageddon and Deep Impact.)

He'll remember this on Mother's Day