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good news, everyone!

At this moment, words fail me because anything I come up with seems like a massive understatement. So I’ll just come out with it:

My first young adult novel, Fair Coin, just sold to Lou Anders at Pyr!

I’ll share more details when I have them, but for now I’ll say I couldn’t be more pleased to work with such an amazing editor, and I think Pyr is the perfect place for this book. It will take me a while to write out the final acknowledgements page, but I have to thank my awesome agent, Eddie; my fiancee, Carrie, who encouraged me to write the book in the first place and did an impressive job editing the early drafts; and of course, my friends and beta readers, including members of Altered Fluid and Clarion West ’05. This was totally a team effort and I would be lost without all of your sharp critiques and constant support.

I’m sure there will be many related blog posts about this in the days/months/years to come, but for now I’m just letting the news sink in. I actually sold a book!