01/03/2011 ecmyers

At this moment, words fail me because anything I come up with seems like a massive understatement. So I’ll just come out with it:

My first young adult novel, Fair Coin, just sold to Lou Anders at Pyr!

I’ll share more details when I have them, but for now I’ll say I couldn’t be more pleased to work with such an amazing editor, and I think Pyr is the perfect place for this book. It will take me a while to write out the final acknowledgements page, but I have to thank my awesome agent, Eddie; my fiancee, Carrie, who encouraged me to write the book in the first place and did an impressive job editing the early drafts; and of course, my friends and beta readers, including members of Altered Fluid and Clarion West ’05. This was totally a team effort and I would be lost without all of your sharp critiques and constant support.

I’m sure there will be many related blog posts about this in the days/months/years to come, but for now I’m just letting the news sink in. I actually sold a book!

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  1. Again, hugest congratulations!!! You’ve absolutely earned it and I can’t wait to see it in print.

    • ecmyers

      He deserves a lot of credit for this one. :)

  2. Ben's mom

    Wow!!! way to go, Eugene! Osvaldo and I are so, so happy for you. Enjoy your celebration with Carrie!

    A big hug, and warmest best wishes


    • ecmyers

      Thank you so much! I’ll make sure your son sends you a copy. Hope you and Osvaldo are doing well!

  3. Chris Furst

    Congratulations, Eugene! That’s awesome!

  4. Clay and Susan Griffith


    Welcome to Pyr. The best publisher in America. We’re the authors of The Greyfriar: Vampire Empire Bk. 1 (not intended to be YA, but increasingly embraced by that audience). You will LOVE Pyr and Lou.

    Clay & Susan

    • ecmyers

      Thanks, Clay and Susan. That is a wonderful endorsement. Only two days in and I’m already thrilled to be working with Pyr and Lou.

      Fortunately I won’t have to wait to read your book, if I can stop myself from staring at the striking cover…

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