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If Disney made an animated Superman film, I think you’d pretty much end up with Hercules (1997). But Disney animator Rob Pratt has followed his own vision with this 60-second animated short, Superman Classic. Like Coke Classic, this labor of love brings back some of the things he’s enjoyed from the franchise, including stirring music from the Kirk Alyn serials, character designs inspired by the many looks of Clark Kent and Superman, and notably the voice work of John Newton, who originated the role of Superboy in the 1988 live-action The Adventures of Superboy. The storyline echoes Max Fleischer’s 1941 short film, The Mechanical Monsters, and Pratt’s hand-drawn animation is just as fluid and beautiful; nothing makes me believe a man can fly more than these cartoons. Anyway, check it out for yourself:

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  1. ecmyers

    Also, is it just me, or does that phone booth remind anyone of the TARDIS?

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