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As you can tell from the ongoing giveaway at Goodreads, I recently received some Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) of Fair Coin. These are bound paperbacks that resemble the final book but contain uncorrected text. Typos, even. (I hates them, Preciousss.) What are ARCs for? Essentially, they’re for promoting your new book. My amazing publicist at Pyr has been sending them to book reviewers and bloggers, and the copies I received are earmarked for promotions and for booksellers, librarians, and reviewers I hope will be interested in it.

I wasn’t as emotional as I expected when I opened the package–I pretty much only cry at Pixar movies these days–but it was definitely a Big Deal. I was excited to get an ARC because it’s like a prototype of the book to come, another step that makes it feel like more of a reality. In fact, no sooner did I prepare to post a goofy picture of me posing with an ARC, but the actual, hardcover author copies arrived! A month early!

I know, that’s not my book. I’m glad you noticed.

But see, my idea of what it’s like to unbox the shiny new copies of your first book has basically been informed by Back to the Future. What? I love that movie. My moment was more like this:

Let’s just pretend that Bach is more interested in my book than playing with those Styrofoam peanuts.

When I opened the box and took out the copy on top, I only glanced at it before handing it to my wife. I took another copy from the box and looked it over thoroughly, even lifting the jacket to peek at the bare hardcover beneath it. (She was fine with that, and a little curious herself.)

I didn’t even think about letting my wife see the book first; she was the first person to read and critique that messy early draft of Fair Coin. This was her moment too. I think I said something like, “We did it.” That’s when I realized that opening that box wasn’t just about the achievement of getting a book published, it was about who I can share it with: the family and friends and everyone who helped make it happen. That’s a lot of people. I should have felt proud, but instead I was simply… Grateful.

And I also kept thinking about that scene in the greatest time travel movie ever made, in which a happy ending features a writer surrounded by his family (and Biff), holding his first science fiction novel.

Thanks, McFly.

(I look tired, don’t I? I guess “If you put your mind to it, and skip a lot of sleep, you can accomplish almost anything, probably” is a weaker theme for a movie.)

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  1. Jim Negri

    Very cool! I love the Back to the Future analogy. I, too, love that movie! Congrats again….it must be such a great feeling. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. I still haven’t yet had my George McFly moment, since I picked up my author’s copies from BooksActually and lugged them home. But I’m still hoping to someday. The movie showed me that not only is science fiction cool, but science fiction writers are cool.

    • ecmyers

      That had to be a great experience, too. And your book is amazing! When I’m past book launch and sequel revisions, I’m going to post a review of it.

  3. Michael Underwood

    Congratulations! That must have been a phenomenal feeling, especially being able to share it with your wife (and your feline overlord). Ride that exciting all the way through release day! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

    • ecmyers

      Thanks, sir. And you are correct: She is definitely our feline overlord.

  4. Awesome, amigo! Congrats again, and I’m looking forward to reading it (once I manage to snag a copy).

    • ecmyers

      Thank you! I hope we can celebrate together and catch up when I’m down for Dragon*Con.

  5. It’s a great feeling, it never gets old, and you’ll get to experience it many more times, I’m sure. Congrats!!

    • ecmyers

      That is good to hear, and I hope so. Thanks!

  6. Yaaay, Eugene!!!

    (Also, your revised movie line was hilarious.) =)

    • ecmyers

      Thank you! Maybe I should get some bumper stickers made with that slogan.

  7. Love it! (Though I’m under-caffeinated, and for a second I was like, “I do not know about that new cover,” before I pulled it together.)

  8. Wonderful post, and huzzah for the books!!! I can’t wait to get one of my own. Huge, huge congrats.

    • ecmyers

      Thank you so much, Jenn. Only one week until I get my copy of Above World and I’m really looking forward to it.

  9. Jon

    Haha, I forgot that his dad wrote books! (Don’t boot me from the club). What a moment! Congrats!

    • ecmyers

      Clearly it’s time you rewatched this fabulous movie :)

  10. Lindsay Ribar

    Even if I did not know you, I would want to buy that book. Because you put a KITTY PICTURE in this blog post.


    • ecmyers

      I’m discovering that cats are the key to getting more comments on blog posts…

  11. Wife

    D’aww. I’m blushing.

    I’m also *so* proud of you. :)

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