02/09/2012 ecmyers

Yesterday we unveiled a shiny new Facebook page for Fair Coin! If you have a Facebook account, even if you don’t use it much anymore, it would be wonderful if you would visit it and consider clicking “Like.” It’ll be the best way to stay notified of updates on the book and its sequel, Quantum Coin; get early access to some news and content; and connect to other readers who might like the same young adult fiction you do. If there’s one thing I like as much as reading YA fiction, it’s talking about it with other readers.

What else is in it for you? Well, if you want to put it that way… If you haven’t read the sample from Fair Coin yet, you can grab the first three chapters before the book releases on March 6. But the big benefit is if you Like the page, you can see the book trailer I made, which is pretty good if I do say so myself. OK, I think it’s awesome, actually. But I’m hardly an impartial judge, so you should decide for yourself!

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    • ecmyers

      Thanks, Tara! I had fun working on it, and I look forward to helping you with your own book trailer if you want. :)

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