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I would not be the person and writer I am today if not for the teachers and librarians in my life who encouraged me to read and write, introduced me to classic literature and showed me how to deconstruct it, and taught me all the important nuances of comma placement. So I’m delighted to be one of eight children’s authors participating in an upcoming educator appreciation reception in my area to celebrate B&N’s Spring Educator Appreciation Week (April 14-22):

WHEN: Wednesday, April 18 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: Barnes & Noble Exton
301 Main Street
Exton, PA 19341

There will be discounts, contests, and giveaways, as well as two special presentations:

5:00 p.m. – K.M. Walton: How to Get Your Students to Write Like They Mean It
5:30 p.m. – Beth Kephart: Story Topics That Involve the Whole Class at the Same Time

Followed by a mega signing with eight area authors:

Monica Carnesi – LITTLE DOG LOST (picture book)
Ame Dyckman – BOY + BOT (picture book, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino)
Amy Garvey – COLD KISS (YA)
Elisa Ludwig – PRETTY CROOKED (YA)
E.C. Myers – FAIR COIN (YA)
Dianne K. Salerni – WE HEAR THE DEAD (YA)
K.M. Walton – CRACKED (YA)

So, if you know any teachers, please let them know about this exciting event!

All thanks to fellow Apocalypsie K.M. Walton and Stephanie, the community relations manager at B&N Exton, for putting this whole thing together. I’m looking forward to meeting many other authors and educators!

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  1. I loved that you used the photo of Max from Gilmore Girls. He was totally the best guy on the show. *Sighs wistfully*

    I wish I could go to this signing. Alas, signings do not seem to happen in Atlanta. How about we make Atlanta the ‘book city.’ Anyone with me? No? Darn.

    • ecmyers

      I am surprised more people have not remarked on my picture selection!

      I think Jackson Pearce is signing her new book, PURITY, in Alpharetta next week. Is that close to Atlanta? So some signings must happen there, once in a while :)

      I’ll be in Atlanta for Dragon*Con at the end of August, signing FAIR COIN at the Pyr booth. If you know any good bookstores in the area, I’d love to contact them and see if I can arrange other signings during my trip…

      • Ooh! Thanks for the heads up. I will research on Jackson Pearce. Alpharetta’s in the burbs (but that is also where I am, so that’s all good). If it’s not during work hours, I might go.

        Have you gone to Dragon*Con before? If there are a bunch of authors, I may need to go!

        As for local bookstores, the best one I know of is this one…and in doing research for you I discovered that Jackson Pearce and Elizabeth Eulberg will be at this bookstore in May. Awesome! It’s called Little Shop of Stories and is a completely precious children’s book store with a good collection of YA and some adult books: http://www.littleshopofstories.com/events.php.

        They do a lot of signings. I’ve never been to one, but I’ve seen the leftover signed books. Another plus: there’s a really awesome pub nearby (the Brickstore) or Raging Burrito (if you want tasty Mexican food and margaritas) or sushi (if that’s your thing). The shop’s in Decatur, which is cute and great for people-watching.

        • ecmyers

          I’ve never been to Dragon*Con before, but I hear there are a lot of authors there. It’s probably worth coming by for at least a day since you’re so close!

          Thanks for the tip on the bookstore. My agent told me there’s a book festival in Decatur the same weekend of Dragon*Con, so I want to look into that too.

          And I love sushi! I also love pubs and margaritas :)

          • I’ll definitely look into the cost of visiting Dragon*Con. It would be awesome to see the cosplayers at the very least.

            There is a book festival in Decatur, although I’d never noticed it was the same week. I went once and didn’t get anything, but would still go again, because books.

            Well, if you do come to Decatur, I will totally try to be there (and to have read Fair Coin, which I have not done…yet.). Maybe we can share some drinks!

            • ecmyers

              That would be delightful. I will keep you posted!

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