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It seems fitting that in the same week the Higgs boson finally made its debut, the long-awaited advance reading copies of Quantum Coin also manifested! I was pretty sure I knew what was inside the box from Prometheus Books before I opened it, though my cat was less certain, and intensely curious. But it seems she was more interested in the Styrofoam peanuts than the books–also predictable.

You may recall that a little while ago I ran a giveaway here for the first Quantum Coin ARC I received, so this happy delivery was good incentive to actually select the winner. Sorry for the delay on that, but I’ve been distracted with other projects these days. In any case, I am pleased to announce that the winner is… Janine! Congratulations, Janine!

As before, to select the winner, I listed each commenter’s name once per entry in an Excel spreadsheet, shuffled them up and assigned a number to each at random.org. Then I generated a random number from 1 to 80 (the total number of  entries), which happened to be 56.

Wikipedia reminds me that 56 is the atomic number for barium. The maximum speed of data transmission over a telephone line in the Dark Ages was 56 kbps. Fifty-six people signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. And Aristotle claimed that there were 56 layers to the universe, which includes Earth and 55 crystalline spheres above it. Talk about random, huh?

Janine will receive signed copies of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin and a swag pack of bookmarks, postcards, and coin cases! I will be having a Goodreads giveaway for another ARC of Quantum Coin very soon, so you’ll have another chance to read it way before most other people. Thank you to everyone who liked the books on Amazon and posted reviews or added them to their page on Goodreads. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

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  1. Julie cross

    oh it looks so cool!! one of the Perfect 10 already got a copy in the mail!

  2. ecmyers

    Thanks! Yes, my publicist is very good. :)

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