07/09/2012 ecmyers

"The Paper" by Feyd-rauthA (deviantART)

As of today, I have been married for longer than some of my favorite shows were on the air. That’s both happy-making and depressing, all at once. Mostly happy-making.

One year ago, many of our close friends and family gathered to make sure that Carrie and I actually went through with it after more than six years together. In this universe, and presumably all the parallel ones where I am not a complete loser, we did. There are a whole lot of lucky mes out there!

Fortunately, we enjoyed a wonderful year together with countless joys and a few challenges that have only confirmed that we each made the right choice. This means our marriage has been picked up for a second season, which I expect will be even better than the last. So stay tuned!

(As further proof that we belong together, she will probably not think I’m too weird for comparing our first year as a married couple to a TV show. After all, I used a Gilmore Girls DVD to propose to her in the first place!)

Happy anniversary, wife!


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  1. Neile

    Congratulations, you two!

    Season 30 is just beginning for us, and it feels like I should be saying season 2.

  2. ecmyers

    Thanks, Neile! I hope we feel the same way when we celebrate 30.

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