10/10/2012 ecmyers

It’s that time again, and the members of teamTEENauthor were given the following dares:

1) Cover your face with peanut butter and take a picture.
2) Write your most embarrassing moment from your teen years Shakespearean style.
3) Post pictures and other links all about your celebrity teen heartthrob crush from middle school/high school. Your own Justin Beiber so to speak.

Well. I love peanut butter too much to waste it. (Also, ew.) And my poetry is almost as bad as my dancing. So that left me with number 3. The only problem was, of course I didn’t have any such thing as a celebrity crush when I was a teen.

Oh, except… Um.

Teri Hatcher.

You can’t blame me, right? I was already a big Superman fan, and Teri was the best Lois Lane ever. She was smart (and yet, also “galactically stupid“), brave, snarky, aggressive, and a damned good writer—except for her spelling. And yeah, she’s hot, no matter how you cut her hair.

When I thought about this dare, it all came back to me: the color printouts from the library stuck up on my walls, the pages I saved from magazines. How embarrassing! So I decided to find as many of the pictures I remember hanging up at home and in my locker and post them here for everyone’s enjoyment. Ready?


Lucky guy.

This guy keeps turning up in these pictures...

Don't tug on Superman's...cape.

I actually remember hating that top.

Seriously? I can't believe they got away with some of these promo images. You should see the other one from this photo shoot.

I actually don't remember this one, but I figured I'd throw it in anyway.

This was one of the most memorable images...

...And years later, it inspired this. My wife also loved "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," but for different reasons ;) (Photo by Ellen Wright.)

So, remember any of these pictures? Who was your teen celebrity crush?

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Comments (7)

  1. Janci

    I totally had a crush on Dean’s Clark. Not so much on Superman though. I always thought Lois had bad taste.

    • ecmyers

      Yes, he did a great job as Clark, and that was kind of the point. Superman was always a little more caricatured and shallow, in my opinion. One of my favorite quotes from the series: “Lois, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am.”

      • Janci

        So, is the show worth rewatching? I’ve been afraid to return to it, after my sad, sad experience discovering that Sliders was not as good as my fond memories would have it be.

        • ecmyers

          I think so. At least the first few seasons. I mean, it was always kind of goofy so it doesn’t have a lot to live up to.

          Funny, I’m about to start a Sliders re-watch, but I’m expecting it not to hold up.

        • Prof. Dr. de Garis, it would be insiertteng to see your rebuttal of some of the responses debunking your Artilect War scenario. I find their arguments persuasive. I trust you have considered them.

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