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due north


You may have heard, Hurricane Sandy just blew through town last night. My family and I fared better than some and count ourselves lucky; it was actually rather nice to spend a couple of days working from home. We never even lost power, just had some leaking ceilings to deal with.

So far my Thursday morning flight to Toronto for the World Fantasy Convention is still on schedule. Assuming that I make it to Canada after all, and the weather cooperates, here is where you can find me:

Thursday, Nov. 1 at 6:00 p.m.
!ndigo Yorkdale
3401 Dufferin Street Unit #29

Ross, a bookseller at Yorkdale, recently hand sold 100 copies of Fair Coin! I will be at his store expressing my amazement and gratitude, meeting local readers, and signing copies of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin.

Friday, Nov. 2 at 8:00 p.m.
Autograph Reception, Grand York Ballroom
World Fantasy Convention

Authors attending World Fantasy will all gather at tables to sign books. Bring your copies of Fair Coin and/or Quantum Coin! (Or buy them in the dealer room, maybe? Not sure if they’ll be for sale.) I will also be signing and handing out free bookmarks.

Saturday, Nov. 3 at 3:00 p.m.


The popularity of The Hunger Games has brought to the forefront the strong heroine who figures in a good deal of YA Fantasy. She may be flawed, but she has inner strength, guts, and often a little snark. Is this a departure from YA Fantasy of the past, when girls may have been more peripheral, less dynamic characters? Does the genre allow writers to include more non-traditional characters than might be the case elsewhere? Is the popularity of Urban Fantasy as a YA genre at the expense of the paranormal?
Kathy Sullivan (M), Megan Crewe, Eugene Myers, Cheryl Rainfield, Ysabeau Wilce.

quantum leaps

Today is the official release day of my second novel, Quantum Coin! By now it should be in your local Barnes & Noble and hopefully some independent bookstores in North America as well, and it’s available via many online e-tailers. The Kindle edition is out in the U.S., and the Nook edition should follow by the end of the month.

I wrote this series for you, and now it’s in your hands. Read. Enjoy. And if you do like Fair Coin and/or Quantum Coin, I will be grateful if you recommend it to your students, children, teens in your life, family, friends, librarians, book sellers, and the internet at large.

Thank you once again to Altered Fluid, JAbberwocky Literary Agency, Pyr Books, and especially to my friends and family who have supported and tolerated me talking about these books and making myself scarce to write them over the years. Glad that’s over now, huh?*

And if you’re in the Greater Philadelphia area, there are a few events this week where I will be signing books with many other YA authors. Tonight I’ll be at Arcadia University; Thursday I’ll be at my local independent, Big Blue Marble; and on Friday you can catch us at Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA. Check my events page for all the details.


Stay frosty,


*Not quite over, but I will talk about them less often from now on. Probably.

The YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes, Part III

[ETA 10/29/12: The race is now over! Thanks to all who participated! My giveaway, however, will continue until next week, so keep those comments coming.]

The final installment of a trilogy can be challenging because there are so many expectations, but I can say with some certainty that the third YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes is going to be the best one yet. Most of the Apocalypsies are sprinting toward the finish line; our debut year is nearly over, but some of us already have new books coming out in 2012! So we have even more authors participating this time around, and you can win lots of great stuff, including books, advance copies, and swag. Plus, this race is kind of Halloweeny!

If you’re here at my stop on the blog hop, you probably know what it’s all about already. But if you’re lost or have no idea what I’m going on about, please visit the Apocalypsies website to read the complete rules and get started. Please note that the contest does not begin until Monday, October 22 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

by E.C. Myers

Ephraim thought his universe-hopping days were over. He’s done wishing for magic solutions to his problems; his quantum coin has been powerless for almost a year, and he’s settled into a normal life with his girlfriend, Jena. But then an old friend crashes their senior prom: Jena’s identical twin from a parallel world, Zoe.

Zoe’s timing couldn’t be worse. It turns out that Ephraim’s problems have just begun, and they’re much more complicated than his love life: The multiverse is at stake—and it might just be Ephraim’s fault.

Ephraim, Jena, and Zoe embark on a mission across multiple worlds to learn what’s going wrong and how to stop it. They will have to draw on every resource available and trust in alternate versions of themselves and their friends, before it’s too late for all of them.

If Ephraim and his companions can put their many differences aside and learn to work together, they might have a chance to save the multiverse. But ultimately, the solution may depend on how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of humanity…and each other.


In addition to the signed copy of Quantum Coin I’m offering in the Race, I’ll give away a special prize pack that includes signed bookmarks for Fair Coin and Quantum Coin, Fair Coin postcards, a signed bookplate for Fair Coin, one of my last Fair Coin coin cases, Quantum Coin barcode stickers, and a bag of chocolate state quarters,  to one lucky winner on my own blog.

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment in this post answering this question: How would your life be different in a parallel universe?

You can also get up to 5 additional entries by completing one or all of the following:

  1. Like my Facebook page at or, if you don’t do Facebook, link to this contest on your blog. (+1 entry)
  2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet about this contest. Be sure to mention me (@ecmyers) and include the hashtag #quantumcoin. (+1 entry)
  3. Add Quantum Coin on Goodreads. (+2 entries)
  4. Like Quantum Coin at (+1 entry)

Make sure you tell me which of the above you do for extra points in your comment so I can tally up your entries correctly! And don’t worry, if you already follow me, you still get credit for it. I’ll use some randomizer-thingey to select the winners.

My blog contest will be open until Monday, November 5 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

When you’re ready to move on, click here to visit the next universe blog in the race! 

Thanks for coming by, and good luck!

ETA: This giveaway on my blog is open to international entries.

teamTEENauthor DARE DAY, Part II

It’s that time again, and the members of teamTEENauthor were given the following dares:

1) Cover your face with peanut butter and take a picture.
2) Write your most embarrassing moment from your teen years Shakespearean style.
3) Post pictures and other links all about your celebrity teen heartthrob crush from middle school/high school. Your own Justin Beiber so to speak.

Well. I love peanut butter too much to waste it. (Also, ew.) And my poetry is almost as bad as my dancing. So that left me with number 3. The only problem was, of course I didn’t have any such thing as a celebrity crush when I was a teen.

Oh, except… Um.

Teri Hatcher.


have sharpie, will travel

See this picture? Not only is it proof that I’m a huge dork who owns a rare Snarf plush, but it displays my shiny “Pro” badge for the upcoming New York Comic Con! And that means that I’ll be at the Javits Center in New York this Friday, Oct. 12 through Sunday, Oct. 14… with more than 100,000 other people.

Okay, that’s a bit intimidating. This is my first Comic Con actually, because I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about attending a convention with so many guests crammed into a relatively small space. But I survived Dragon*Con this summer, and I’ll have lots of friends around to hang out with, so I’m giving it a go. Plus, this year I have not just one, but two novels out, and I was fortunate enough to be scheduled for an autographing session at the convention!

So, if you’re looking to snag one of the very first in-the-wild copies of my new book, Quantum Coin, or its prequel, Fair Coin, and get them signed and inscribed by me, this is where and when this can happen:

WHEN: Friday, Oct. 12 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.
WHERE: Autographing Table 3 (at the back of Hall 1B on the first floor of the convention center)
COST: Free!

Barnes & Noble will be selling copies of Fair Coin and Quantum Coin at the con (I understand you can find them at the Barnes & Noble Pavilion, Exhibitor Booth #1112). You can also bring your own books from home, or if you don’t have a book, I will be happy to sign bookmarks, notebooks, Kindles, Nooks, scraps of paper, and other surfaces. If you miss my signing slot, I’ll be wandering around the rest of the convention and probably tweeting (if I can get a signal), so you can try to track me down later as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!