03/17/2011 ecmyers

3 seasons. 79 episodes. 1,771,561 tribbles.

We’ve watched and re-watched them all.

Almost two years ago, Torie Atkinson and I began an ambitious project to review every episode of the original Star Trek, and today we’ve finally come to the end with the last broadcast episode of the series, “Turnabout Intruder.” A lot has happened since we embarked on our own mission, with the prime directive of analyzing the show critically and honestly: We moved our Re-Watch from Tor.com to our own site, The Viewscreen. I moved from New York City to Philadelphia. We sat through interminable repeat screenings of “Spock’s Brain” to bring you our Laugh Treks audio commentary. (Now free on iTunes!) Torie hand-stitched dozens of tribbles. Hell, I think she’s still making those.

As Captain Kirk said at the end of his own journey in Star Trek: Generations: “It’s been fun.” (Sorry for the spoiler!) When I was a geeky, 13-year-old Trekkie, I never thought I’d do something useful and interesting with my love for the show, and it’s been a pleasure working with Torie on this. In fact, we already have something new in the works for The Viewscreen, after our usual bit of bookkeeping, so stay tuned. But for now, please check out our final Star Trek Re-Watch, for one of the worst episodes of the series. *sigh* Meanwhile, I’m celebrating with Jim, Bones, and Spock (on my Star Trek tie today, the first time I’ve worn it since high school), and looking forward to having a little more time to revise a couple of novels…

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  1. It’s excessively unfortunate that Janice Lester’s face appears below my name in your little graphic.

    Other than that, we should toast ourselves when you’re next in town. We did it!

    • ecmyers

      Because having the salt sucked out of me by a horrible creature is a fun time. But yes, we will toast! I think margaritas will be the perfect tribute–salt and alcohol to represent our long journey!

  2. I’d rather be Janice lester than Kirk in those pics. eugene, I adore the old kirk napping as your wrap up screen cap, nicely done.

    • ecmyers

      Thank you, sir! It best expresses my true feelings :)

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